Sunday, 3 April 2016

Adventures with overripe bananas

I regularly eat bananas, they tend to be my grab and go breakfast (I'm not a morning person) or I eat them in the afternoon if I'm planning a gym session - so I'm always astounded that I always seem to be left with a bunch of overripe bananas. May be they're breeding?!

Anyway, I put out a plea to twitter for some help with interesting recipes for overripe bananas, because I can't face making another loaf of bananas muffins, and @sundaybakeclub came to my rescue with lots of really interesting ideas!

I had a fab Wednesday evening nattering away to fellow bakers about various ideas, while baking up some peanutbutter and banana cookies (and they possibly munching on them too):

Yum yum! I took them into work, and they were very much enjoyed! I always struggle with cookies and biscuits, I seem to over or underbake them, This lot, I think I managed to achieve both states within the various batches!  Oops...oh well, more practice required. 

So some of the fab suggestions that came from Twitter included freezing the bananas to make lollypops or ice-cream. I love this idea, but my freezer is currently full with various stews and casseroles, but definintely a plan to remember for the summer. Banana flapjacks, which I think I might try next weekend! Then today's experiment which was banana blondies. I love blondies at the best of times, as I'm more of a white choc kinda girl anyway, so couldn't resist trying this one out - I've made brownies before but this was my first blondie.

Annoyingly after heading into town for the extra ingredients I needed, I managed to forget the key white choc! Thankfully a friend had donated a batch of white choc reindeer that her family didn't like. Am not sure this type of choc is intended for baking, but it seemed OK...until I melted it with butter! all separated  out, and I couldn't recombine it. I thought I'd take the plunge and stick it in the egg/sugar mix and just see what happened, and thankfully it all combined back and made a fab mixture! Phew (I didn't take photos as I was panicking too much!)

Once everything was all mixed in and ready to go, I realised my square tin wasn't quite big enough, so I've made up a small circular blondie for me to try and then a bigger one that I'll cut up and take into work.  I hope it's cooked all the way through....I remember this being a problem with my last brownie!  

They're both looking a little crispy in the photos, the smaller one definitely is..and I'm eating it while I try it and it tastes OK, but not quite like any blondie I've had before, so not sure I've succeeded here.  Just letting the bigger one cool down, and then I'll slie it up and see if that's had any more success.  This may not be one of my best bakes.... :/

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