Saturday, 25 January 2014

Making not baking

Last weekend didn't quite pan out as expected. I was hoping to crack on with some baking, but my kitchen had other plans!

Although I have a new kitchen, it's not quite complete and I needed sealant between the work surface and tiles. A friend kindly offered to help me out with this, so on Friday night I cleared down everything from my kitchen surfaces except my lovely baking books - these needed their own space! So I bought myself a lovely new bookcase from Argos (which I'd intended to pick up in my lunch hour and walk home with - thankfully a different friend took pity on me as it was raining and gave me a lift - much to my relief when I actually picked up the flatpack!!) So Friday evening, after work, I pootled down to B & Q to buy the bits needed to make the shelf and then proceeded to put it together. Yay! My first solo flat pack (when I say solo, I did have some help for the final stages, as my friends tipped up for a craft evening - I don't think this is the craft they intended though!) 

So now I have my lovely bookcase, I was able to shift the books and make space on the work surface! I then kept the work surface as free as possible for the remainder of the weekend, and my friends popped round Sunday to help out with the sealant, which we then had to leave to dry for a few hours. Thankfully, my friends are also keen cooks and treated me to a mini lasagne they'd prepared and chilled just for me! Aww thank you!! Lasagne is my all time fav food, but something I've never tried to make for myself...

While on the topic of making, not baking, I'd set myself a mission of making a tea cosy for my brother for his birthday. For Christmas I'd bought him a subscription for a tea club from eteaket, which came with a lovely little filter teapot. When we made the first cuppa with it, I realised we'd need a little tea cosy to keep it, well, cosy! I always have such great plans for knitting and crocheting, and then forget how long it takes me to actually make anything,. Anyway, the remainder of the weekend was spent knitting away to get the little tea cosy ready for his birthday and visit (he was coming to visit on 23rd Jan). Thankfully, my lack of space to bake focused my attention and I got it all finished and ready (and wrapped up) in time. Here's the cosy being modelled on my own teapot (his is red) 

Can you guess what my next baking challenge will be...

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