Sunday, 5 January 2014

Relaxing weekend

First weekend of the new year - and you'd think I'd be eager to be cracking on with my new year's resolution. However, there's no point rushing things - preparation is the key to success, or something like that? Am I just making excuses? May be...however, let me explain...

Working back through the last couple of months, I've barely been at home. I'm not normally a jet-setter, but a number of events all events all collided, and involved me travelling back and forth between England and Wales (and at one point Scotland too) and left very little time for me to be in my house and kitchen. This of course meant (am sure everyone else is the same?) that I literally just landed in the house, dumped things, did enough washing to keep going, and then flew off again.

So I think this week is my first full week at home in a long time! As a result, I've spent the weekend slowly (carefully) tidying Christmas goodies away, and having a sort out of my lovely new kitchen (I'm sure I'll explain more about that in future posts), tidying my living room and generally relaxing. This morning, I've had the tv on in the background as I potter around my house, with James Martin followed by Paul Hollywood inspiring me. In fact, Paul has just made a gorgeous looking sausage plait, that I'd really like to try. I wonder if I have any friends willing to come round and sample it. I might have to adapt some of the ingredients as there was mushroom and black pudding in it. I'm happy to munch away on them, but I suspect some friends might not..

So really, this has been a weekend of planning, tidying, sorting and preparing! I have some ideas of what I'd like to bake over the next month, so I'll buy the ingredients and hopefully try and make something next weekend.

I have some lovely baking related Christmas presents, including an angel cake tin, so that might be one of the first things I attempt :)


  1. I will eat both mushroom and black pudding if any help

  2. ooh you're definitely invited then!! :)