Saturday, 5 July 2014

Don't waste the strawberries

I always buy far too many strawberries at this time of year - it's only going to get worse because I'm trying (ok, not very successfully) to grow some.

Last weekend the local supermarket had an offer 2 for £3 on a big punnet of strawberries and raspberries.  They sat in my fridge for a few days, and then I realised I really really had to use them or lose them. A quick recipe search online (after a rather lengthy one through my book collection gave me this fab idea -

Sounds so easy, it didn't quite go to plan.  I had the right size tin (hurrah) and made up the oaty mixture, split it in half, and then tried to pat it into the baking tray. I don't know if myhands were too warm, the mixture too soft, but it just wouldn't pat down nicely, and was far too squidgy in my hands.  I ended up having to use some of the top mix to fill the bottom layer.

The strawberry and raspberry layer should be fine though, I had plenty of them! Chopped them up and started spreading them out, and still they didn't fil the whole tray. Either I'm being too generous or I just can't measure properly.  I squished them down, but left them at 3/4 across the tray, I didn't want to skimp on the filling.

Finally, trying to put the top layer on over the juicy strawberries and raspberries just wasn't going to happen.  I used far too much, and pretty much only made it half way across the tray, even scooping up the excess from the bottom layer just wasn't enough.  Still, it smelt lovely, so I whacked it in the oven (and started on the next left over baking project....see next blog post).

So my conclusions!  Ok, I think firstly I need to chill this dough, especially in warm weather! Secondly, although I greased the tray, I will use baking parchment and may be a smaller tray. Thirdly (or am I only fourthly now) I will attempt to roll the base, and may be even the top layer, and then drop it onto the tray and onto the berry mix. Finally, oooh I want to try this with lots of different berries, and may be wholemeal flour and brown sugar and .....well...lots of ideas from this one!

The pics probably don't make it look that appetising I realise, but it was very yummy. I've had it in my lunch box everyday, and only shared with one friend.  She cooked me dinner, I brought pudding, and we topped the bowls (with a couple of slices in) with crème brûlée yoghurt!  Wow!

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