Sunday 6 July 2014

Left over veggie surprise

It's becoming a bit of a tradition that by the weekend I have a lot of veggies left to use up. I really do overstock on them - but there are a lot worse things I could be overstocking on :)

So generally, at the weekend (or in this case it was Tuesday) I do something creative with the veg that will fit into my lunch box for the week.  It's usually a veggie plait, after I discovered a fab recipe - I think I saw one of Paul Hollywood's programme once, and got me hooked.

Anyway, this last week, I tried to be clever! I'd bought a pack of Gruy√®re cheese. I'd actually bought it for a purpose, but couldn't for the life of me remember what.  I've just remembered the bit that made this funny (well, to me) I'd been to the gym on Tuesday, and then decided to do the baking when I got home while making my tea.  I opened up the pack of cheese (having never had these cheese before) and immediately though - ooh I'd better have a shower I'm a bit smelly.  Hmm, turns out it's slightly smelly cheese! :) Anyway, I get side-tracked.  I grated up the cheese, but thought it looked a bit boring on it's own, so added in a tin of tuna chunks and then some basil.

Then roasted up some veg, peppers, mushrooms (actually, only one - it's very rare that I have mushrooms left over), and boiled up some potatoes that I then roasted as well. While doing this, I had the baking sheet in the oven heating up (I always do this, it seems to help with the soggy bottom), then once everything was ready, I got my pastry (not home-made - life is too short sometimes, it was shop bought puff pastry) on the baking paper, then straight onto the baking tray and started piling up the ingredients.  When it came to folding in the plait, I realised my error - make the plait - THEN put it on the hot baking tray.  The pastry was starting to cook and I couldn't shift it - oops!

So quick thinking, I just used the baking parchment and sort of "packed" the pasty into a roll shape and hoped it would hold in the oven.

25 ish mins later, and I have a very yummy looking bake.  So tasty I ended up having this for tea, and it lasted me for the next 3 lunch boxes as well! Not the prettiest looking lunch, but very filling and yummy!

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